Sending large files with a small environmental footprint

Guide to Our Energy-Efficient Features

FileVert is eco-responsible and dedicates each feature
to reducing the digital carbon footprint of your usage, on a large scale.

Adjustable Offers

Moderate digital consumption

Start FileVert

A subscription that adjusts to individual usage

FileVert embraces the philosophy of consumption based on usage for its eco-designed file transfer offering. In practical terms, users now pay only for what they consume. This is a true first in an industry often criticized for being a significant consumer of energy, both in terms of non-renewable resource extraction and greenhouse gas emissions resulting from uncontrolled usage.

FileVert Collab

Video, photo, audio collaboration

Discover FileVert Collab

Speed up the review of your sustainable projects

Accessible only to FileVert Collab subscribers.
3 months of reviews for a well-controlled workflow from design to transfer, reducing project impact and energy waste.

FileVert Hub+

Self-Purging Receiving Drive

Discover FileVert Hub

Eco-Friendly File Reception

Accessible to everyone for a 2 GB space for 2 days, send your Hub link to consolidate files from multiple senders, don't waste another second!

FileVert Hub+ allows all FileVert subscribers to receive their files up to 200 GB for 15 days and enjoy additional features.

FileVert Transfer

PRO Subscription

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Transfer According to Your Needs

FileVert adapts to the temporary storage needs of all sectors and offers unique levers for controlling impact, budget, and security.

Optional Outlook Plugin

Send FileVert files directly from your Outlook email to reduce the environmental impact of your online storage. Add this link to Outlook in your add-ins:

Password Protection

Restrict Access to Your Public Transfers

Activate Password

Associate a Password with Your Transfers

You can secure access to your file transfer by adding a password by clicking on the "lock" icon in your send form. Set your password, confirm it, and then save it by clicking the "Save" button. Only you will know the password associated with your file transfer. It is up to you to communicate it to your contacts and recipients to access the files.

Direct Deletion

Deletion upon Completion of Download

Minimize Storage Duration

This option makes transfers more eco-friendly by drastically limiting the file storage duration on our servers and providing an additional layer of security.

Transfer Management

Transfers and Status

Activate Transfer Management

My Activity

By accessing your personal "My Profile" space, you can view your consumption and that of each member of your organization: the amount of data transferred, the estimate of electricity consumption, generated CO2 emissions, and savings.

My File Exchanges

In the "Send" and "Receive" tabs, you can view all of your sent and received files, as well as their status: Active or Deleted. This table also allows you to delete your ongoing transfers so they are inaccessible to your recipients at any time.

My Account

My Activity

In the "My Profile" tab, you can edit your personal information or your company's information by clicking "Edit." Changing your password is done through the "Change My Password" button. A confirmation email will be sent to the associated email address.

My Team

In the "My Profile" tab, you can edit your personal information or your company's information by clicking "Edit." Changing your password is done through the "Change My Password" button. A confirmation email will be sent to the associated email address.

My Active Subscriptions

When you join FileVert, the "Subscriptions" section is available in your personal space. This page lists your active subscriptions and associated invoices. As a team leader, you can have multiple active subscription lines.

Team Management

For a Collective and Controlled Approach

Start as a Team

Role of Team Leader

When you subscribe, you become the team leader, and you have the option to adjust your subscription and add additional user accounts linked to your account. You can manage access according to your needs. Your team members have access to all the benefits of your account and can customize their FileVert page independently or collectively.

Building Your Teams

Your collaborators can join your FileVert account through a simple invitation link. Each team leader can have a maximum of 100 users under management. However, there is no limit to the creation of team leaders, but email addresses must be different.

Personalized Page for Each Account

FileVert in Your Branding

Add Customization

Logo and Background

You have the option to add your logo, choose your preferred ambiance, or add a background image. The "reset" button allows you to return to the original configuration of FileVert or that of your team leader if you are a member of a team.

Announcement Text

Adding your announcement text and external link is accessible from the "My Personalized Page" tab. Press "Save" and reload the page to apply the changes.

RSS News

Your Latest News Broadcasted with Every Transfer

A Simple Connection to Your Information Feed

From the "Profile" tab in the "Personalized Page" section, you have the option to synchronize your RSS Feed (Title, 500-character description, and external link) to dynamically broadcast your latest news to your recipients.

Private Transfers

Confidential transfers among your team members

Start as a team

Private Download Page

Activatable in one click from your file upload form, the private transfer option restricts access to your download pages to individuals outside your company. When unwanted users try to access the download page, authentication is required to access the files. The private transfer function can be used in conjunction with password protection.

Transfer Management API

Your organization's exchange flows

Comprehensive list of sent and received files

Intended for IT managers / head of IT departments, this feature is useful for regular audits. The transfer management API provides access to the history of your organization's shares.

Consumption Report

Export your consumption report

Activate consumption report export

One step closer to reducing carbon emissions

The overall consumption tracking can be exported by each team leader in XLS format under the "Activity" tab and via the "Export my consumption report" button. It aggregates information from each send/receive operation and estimates associated energy consumption.

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